Water Tank Leakage Treatment

Water Tank Leakage Treatment

The first thing you need to do to repair the leakage of a concrete water tank is to measure the entire tank. Note the tank circumference and also measure the tank depth. You can easily measure the tank according to the dimensions you need using the tank insert. Any repairs to the fiberglass tank endanger the internal corrosion barrier of the fiberglass tank.

Cylinder repairs that meet the scenarios described above can be effective and will not affect tank durability. Contact to The Brooks Company if you notice cracks or leaks in the tank or its fittings to avoid malfunction. If Water leaks through cracks and tears in the wall of the water tank. Incorrect connection of horizontal lines between bricks and blocks causes horizontal cracks.

Build a new tank outside the cracked tank by wrapping reinforcing mesh or wire around the tank and plastering it. If Water leaks through the wall of the water tank, although there are no cracks in the wall. Then the wall is leaking due to porosity. Which occurs from either a mortar mixture with insufficient cement, insufficient hardening or poor processing. For the repair you have to seal the wall by replacing the porous parts with 1: 3 mortar and NIL.

If after this procedure the wall is still leaking. The inside of the tank should be covered with an impregnating agent. One more note before starting to repair the plastic tanks yourself! Be careful when trying to repair the drinking water tanks yourself. Many types of plastic chemicals are released over time, which is why plastic water bottles have expiration dates. If you remove the old tank and install a new one, the problem of the leaking tank is solved. And you now face the dilemma of wasting the water, to repair the tanks. The tank is leaking again. And the leak spreads to other parts of the house and eventually to the rest of the house.

If the walls are still leaking after this treatment. Cover the inside of the tank with a water glass and cover it with water also with a water glass. The next day apply NIL on a square steel trowel and fill the coated part with mortar 1 / 3 and apply to the chiseled part. Throw dry cement and a thin layer of mortar (1 - 3) onto the irrigated - watered down part of the wall. After watering this part, clean the chiseled part again with a water glass and a small amount of water. You must remove the concrete, then cleanse the steel. And then the tank rebuilt with a mixture of dry cement, mortar and a thin layer of mortar (1 - 3).  The Brooks Company provides its water tank leakage treatment services all over the Pakistan. That includes Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Islamabad and Balochistan.